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  • Electric bike chargers must be of good quality!

    People say that fire and water are ruthless. Once fire and flood occur, they will cause incalculable threats or damage to personal safety and property safety. The number of e-bikes in use worldwide is huge, just the Chinese has already exceeded 250 million, and there are many fire incidents every year all the world.. We can see relevant reports from time to time in the news. Controls are also getting stricter. And 75% of the electric bike fires are on fire when charging, and the reason for this is that the electric bike charger is not qualified.

    The cause of most battery bike fires is during the charging process. The battery or charging is faulty or overheated due to the unqualified quality of the electric bike charger or the lithium battery of the electric bike. Although the material of the electric bike itself is an alloy skeleton and a flame-retardant abs shell, when the electric bike is on fire 2 minutes later, the temperature can reach 180-220 degrees, and in 3 minutes, the fire temperature is as high as thousands of degrees, not only the flame and the fire. Temperature is a safety hazard. The poisonous gas produced by the combustion of an electric bike can spread rapidly within 30 seconds, and within 100 seconds, it is enough to make a small closed environment unable to breathe normally and cause casualties.

    Human life is greater than the sky, and safety protection awareness must not be lost. Whether replacing chargers or lithium battery packs for electric bikes, you must choose manufacturers that have obtained production licenses and safety certifications. For your personal safety and property safety, electric vehicle charger manufacturers remind you to use qualified electric bike chargers.

    Electric bike chargers must be of good quality!

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