Power Adapter

The meaning of external AC DC power adapter: an external unit that converts 100-240V alternating current into direct current Classification of external AC DC power adapters;According to the structure, it can be divided into wall-mounted power adapters and desktop power adapters. The wall plug-in power adapter is divided into the national standard power adapter, the US plug power adapter, the UK plug power adapter, the Australia power adapter, the Korean power adapter, the Japanese power adapter, the Indian power adapter and the interchangeable AC plug Power Adapter
Desktop power adapter is divided into assembled power adapter and integrated power adapter. For the assembled power adapter, the AC power cord can be separated from the power supply body. The AC power cords in different countries have different AC plugs. The AC inlet of the assembled power adapter is IEC 320-C8, IEC320-C6 and IEC320-C14.
The safety requirements of power adapters in different countries: UL in the United States, cUL in Canada, CE UKCA in the United Kingdom, CE GS in Germany, CE in France, and other European countries also require CE certificates. Korea KC, Japan PSE, Australia New Zealand SAA, Singapore PSB, China CCC
Application of AC DC power adapter: CCTV camera, LED strip, water purifier, air purifier, heating blanket, electric massager, audio equipment, testing equipment, IT equipment, small household appliances, etc.