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  • What is the charging method and charging process of lithium battery?

    Lithium-ion battery charging methods have always been the focus of attention. Incorrect charging methods of lithium-ion batteries can lead to many potential safety problems. Therefore, it is of great significance to correctly sort out the charging method of lithium batteries, and it is also a necessary guarantee for safety. Of course, the lithium battery charging should use the safety certifications listed lithium battery charger.

    1. Meth

    (1) Before the lithium-ion battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer has carried out activation treatment and pre-charged, so the lithium-ion battery has residual power, and the lithium-ion battery is charged according to the adjustment period. This adjustment period needs to be fully charged 3 to 5 times. discharge.


    (2)Before charging, the lithium-ion battery does not need to be specially discharged. Improper discharge will damage the battery. When charging, try to use slow charging and reduce fast charging; the time should not exceed 24 hours. The chemical substances inside the battery will be fully “activated” after three to five full charge-discharge cycles to achieve the best use effect.


    (3)Please use the certificated charger or a reputable brand charger. For lithium batteries, use a special charger for lithium batteries and follow the instructions, otherwise the battery will be damaged or even dangerous.


    (4)The newly bought battery is lithium ion, so the first 3 to 5 times of charging is generally called the adjustment period, and it should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure that the activity of lithium ion is fully activated. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but have strong inertness. They should be fully activated to ensure the best performance in future use.


    (5)The lithium-ion battery must use a special charger, otherwise it may not reach the saturation state and affect its performance. After charging, avoid placing it on the charger for more than 12 hours, and separate the battery from the mobile electronic product when it is not used for a long time.

    What is the charging method and charging process of lithium battery?

    2. Process

    The charging process of lithium-ion batteries can be divided into three stages: constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and trickle charging.


    Stage 1: The current for constant current charging is between 0.2C and 1.0C. The lithium-ion battery voltage gradually increases with the constant current charging process. Generally, the voltage set by a single-cell li-ion battery is 4.2V.


    Stage 2: current charging ends and the constant voltage charging stage begins. According to the saturation degree of the cell, the charging current gradually decreases from the maximum value as the charging process continues. When it decreases to 0.01C, the charging is considered to be terminated.


    Stage 3: trickle charging, When the battery is almost fully charged, The charging current continues to decrease, When it less than 10% of the charging current, the LED turn red to green, The battery is seen as fully charged.

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