Battery Charger

The meaning of a battery charger; a battery charger is a device that recharges a rechargeable battery;
Classification of battery chargers: According to the type of battery, it can be divided into lithium battery chargers, lithium iron phosphate battery chargers, lead-acid battery chargers and nimh battery chargers.
The working principle of AC battery charger: AC power is converted into DC regulated output through fuse, rectifier filter unit, starting resistor, MOS tube, transformer, sampling resistor, etc. The most commonly used is a three-stage battery charger. There are three stages of constant current, constant voltage and trickle, and different charging modes are used in different situations. In order to improve the charging speed and improve the charging safety.Xinsu Global charger has short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, reverse polarity protection and reverse current protection and other protective measures, which are conducive to battery life and maximize charging. Safety level in the process. 2 color LED indicator to show the charging status, when fully charge the battery, the LED light will turn red to green.
Safety requirements for battery chargers in various countries; Different countries have different safety requirements for chargers. Common ones are the UL certificate of the United States, the cUL certificate of Canada, the CE of the United Kingdom and the latest UKCA certificate, the GS certificate of Germany, the CE certificate of France and other parts of Europe, and the Australian SAA certificate, KC certificate in South Korea, CCC certificate in China, PSE certificate in Japan, PSB certificate in Singapore, etc. In addition to the safety certificate requirements, there are corresponding electromagnetic compatibility interference EMI requirements.
Application of battery charger: Common battery chargers in life are electric toy chargers, rechargeable LED light chargers, robot chargers, electric bicycle chargers, electric wheelchair chargers, power tool chargers, agricultural garden tool chargers, emergency power chargers , Floor cleaner battery charger, medical battery charger, etc.