30W Battery Charger

Xinsu Global 30W chargers have got the various safety certificates for universal markets: North America plug charger with UL certificate, Europe plug charger with CE GS certificates, United Kingdom plug charger with CE UKCA certificates, Australia plug charger with SAA certificate, South Korea plug charger with KC KCC certificates, Japanese plug charger with PSE certificate, Chinese plug charger with CCC certificate.
Common 30W chargers: 8.4V2A lithium chargers, 8.4V3A lithium chargers, 12.6V1.8A lithium chargers, 12.6V 2A lithium chargers, 12.6V2.5A lithium chargers, 16.8V1.5A lithium chargers, 21V1A lithium chargers, 7.3V3A LiFePO4 chargers, 14.6V1.5A LiFePO4 chargers, 14.6V2A LiFePO4 chargers, 29.2V1A LiFePO4 chargers, 12V1.5A Lead-acid battery chargers, 12V2A Lead-acid battery chargers, 24V1A Lead-acid battery chargers