18W Battery Charger

Xinsu Global 18W chargers, the US plug chargers with UL certificate, the EU plug chargers with CE GS certificates, the UK plug chargers with CE UKCA certificates, Japanese plug chargers with PSE certificate, Kouth Korea chargers with KC KCC certificates, Austrial plug chargers with SAA certificate, Chinese plug chargers with CCC, they are used for the heated vast, massager, electric sprayer, the electric respirator, Air conditioner clothes, LED lamp.etc
For example the 8.4V1A lithium chargers, 8.4V1.5A lithium chargers, 12V300mA nimh chargers,14V300mA nimh chargers,17V300mA nimh chargers, 12V1A Lead -acid battery chargers, 12V1.2A Lead-acid battery chargers, 12.6V1A lithium chargers, 12.6V1.5A lithium chargers, 14.6V1A LiFePO4 chargers, 14.6V1.2A LiFePO4 chargers, 16.8V1A lithium chargers
Protection with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, reverse current protection