5V 5A power supply

Switching power supply 25W 5V 5A power supply adapter smps


5V 5A switching power supply 25W output,wide AC volatge input 100-240Vac, 50/60HZ, AC inlet: IEC320-C8, IEC320-C14


Product Detail

Xinsu Global 5V 5A smps got the safety certifications UL, cUL, FCC, CE, UKCA, GS, SAA, PSE, KC, CCC certificates. high efficiency and low ripple, good EMC performance.stable output volatge and power enough.

AC input: 100-240Vac, 50/60HZ

DC output 5V 5A 25W.

AC inlet: IEC320-C6, IEC320-C8, IEC320-C14

Different AC power leads for different countries, such as the Americal ac power cord, Japan AC power cord, United Kingdom ac power cord, Europe AC power cord.etc


Popular 5V switching power supply

5V 1A switching power supply, Model:XSG0501000, Output: 5V 1A, 5W

5V 2A switching power supply, Model:XSG0502000, Output: 5V 2A, 10W

5V 3A switching power supply, Model:XSG0503000, Output: 5V 3A, 15W

5V 4A switching power supply, Model:XSG0504000, Output: 5V 4A, 20W

Protection: Over voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and Hiccup protection


1. INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:90Vac to 264Vac

2. RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:100Vac to 240Vac.


4. Operation temperature: -20℃ - 40℃

5. Storage Temperature: -30℃ - 70℃




Min. value

Max. value

Output regulation



Output load



Ripple and Noise



Output Overshoot



Line regulation



Load regulation



Turn-on delay time



Hold up time





production process:

production process


Universal Exhibitions:


Xinsu Global 5V power supply advantages 

1. Xinsu Global ISO 9001:2015 certificated factory, stable quality

2. Annual production volume upto more than 5 million units, favored by customers

3. Safety certifications, CB, UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, GS, UKCA, SAA, KC, CCC listed, legal and safe

4.  Xinsu Global strong development ability, supporting more for the new projects

How to ensure the reliability of quality?

1. Main engineers have more than 25 years experience

2. Rigorous quality inspection department

3. High-quality supplier system, components from well-known manufacturers

4. Advanced production testing equipment

5. Strictly trained production staff

Xinsu Global 5V switching power supply can be made with the wall plug type. interchangeable plug type, laptop.etc. The scheme is more stable and reliable, complete security certificate, is a high quality power adapter. Xinsu Global's engineers have rich experience in power adapter design and development, and can help customers customize and develop new cases. Choosing high quality switching power supplies, please choose Xinsu Global, just please leave your messages to our sales engineers.we are full confidence that our high quality smps will bring much more value to our clients. you can also get more products on the site: www.xinsupower.com, just please contact our engineers for more details.

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