UL, cUL, FCC, PSE listed wall ac plug 12.6V 1A li-ion battery charger

America wall AC plug 12.6V 1A li-ion battery charger adapter


US /JP wall AC plug 12.6V 1A charger with UL, cUL, FCC, PSE safety certifications, can be used for charging the 3s 11.1V li-ion battery pack.

Product Detail

12.6V 1A lithium ion battery charger with North America wall ac plug, same with the AC plug in Japan. UL, cUL, FCC, PSE safety certifications make sure use them in these countries or areas legally and safely. The fix wall plug chargers are easy to use. Plug it into the AC socket and connect the DC end to the battery, the LED light is red during charging, fully charged, and the LED light is green. High quality chargers come from Xinsu Global own multiple protection mechanisms to maximize the safety of charging and protect battery life.

Fix US wall ac plug chargers 12.6V 1A lithium ion with UL, cUL, FCC, PSE safety certifications.

Model:XSG1261000US for America market, XSG1261000JP for Japan market.

Output: 12.6V 1A, power 12.6W max 

Battery type: 3s 11.1V lithium battery.

Size: 63.8*40*38.5mm

Weight: 175g

Package: 100pcs/ctn


1. INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:90Vac to 264Vac

2. RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:100Vac to 240Vac.


LED indicator: LED turn red to Green when fully charge the battery.the trickle charger

Charging Status Charging Stage LED indicator
Charging Constant Current Red Green
Constant Voltage
Charged Full Trickle Charging Green Light

12.6V1A charging surve:

UL listed chargers 12.6V 1A

Popular 12.6V Battery Chargers:

12.6V 0.5A li-ion battery charger XSG1260500; 12.6V 1.5A li-ion battery charger XSG1261500;12.6V 1.8A li-ion battery charger XSG1261800

12.6V 2A li-ion battery charger XSG1262000; 12.6V 2.5A li-ion battery charger XSG1262500;12.6V 3A li-ion battery charger XSG1263000

12.6V 4A li-ion battery charger XSG1264000; 12.6V 5A li-ion battery charger XSG1265000;12.6V 8A li-ion battery charger XSG1268000

12.6V 10A li-ion battery charger XSG12610000

Drawings: L63.8* W38.5* H40mm



Heated vest/gloves, Sprayer, Respirator, electrical garden tools, electric massager, rechargeable lamp the low power products.etc

Advantages of the 12.6V 1A wall ac plug chargers:

1. various safety certifications UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, UKCA,SAA, KC, CCC  for different markets

2.Small size, stable quality, easy to use

3. Low MOQ required, supporting OEM and ODM

Production processing:

production process

How to ensure charger quality?

1. Main engineers have more than 25 years experience

2. Rigorous quality inspection department

3. High-quality supplier system, components from the famous factories, long warranty.

4. Advanced production testing instruments

5. Strictly trained production staffs

Xinsu Global, a high-end charger manufacturer brand in China, with strong production and R&D capabilities, provides customers all over the world with high-quality chargers and charging solutions. Through high-quality products and services, it creates more value for customers and is trustworthy for customers. The manufacturer of the charger.Choose 12.6V lithium battery charger, please choose Xinsu Global

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