XSG1261000EU lithium battery 12V 1A Pool cleaner charger


XSG1261000EU lithium battery 12V 1A Pool cleaner charger, the original battery charger for cordless Robotic Pool cleaner charger

Product Detail

100-240V AC input to DC output 12.6V 1A europe wall plug charger for pool cleaners

Model:XSG1261000EU, Safety certificates: CB, CE, GS

Voltage: 12.6V, Current: 1A, power 12.6W max 



1. INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:90Vac to 264Vac

2. RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:100Vac to 240Vac.



For Li-ion battery:

18W Li-ion battery chargers

Model Output Voltage/Current Power For Battery
XSG042yyyyEU 4.2V, 300mA - 3A 12.6W max 3.7V battery
XSG084yyyyEU 8.4V, 300mA – 2A 16.8W max 7.4V battery
XSG126yyyyEU 12.6V, 300mA – 1.5A 19W max 11.1V battery
XSG168yyyyEU 16.8V, 300mA – 1A 16.8W max 14.8V battery
XSG210yyyyEU 21V, 300mA – 850mA 18W max 18.5V battery
XSG252yyyyEU 25.2V,300mA – 700mA 18W max 22.2V battery
XSG294yyyyEU 29.4V,300mA – 600mA 18W max 25.9V battery
XSG336yyyyEU 33.6V, 300mA – 500mA 18W max 29.6V battery


LED indicator: LED turn red to Green when fully charge the battery.

Charging Status Charging Stage LED indicator
Charging Constant Current Red Green
Constant Voltage
Charged Full Trickle Charging Green Light


Drawings: L63.8* W37.7* H27.9mm


The 12.6V 1A lithium pool cleaner robot charger, designed to cater to the needs of swimming pool owners worldwide, this charger ensures an efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience.As the demand for swimming pool cleaning robots continues to rise, our company has collaborated with numerous well-known manufacturers in the industry. This strategic partnership has allowed us to develop a charger that perfectly complements their state-of-the-art robots. you can also get more products on the site: www.xinsupower.com, just please contact our engineers for more details.

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