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  • Is the power adapter a charger?

    Generally speaking, the power adapter and the charger are not the same thing, although some people call the charger the power adapter. At present, this is the power switch, which is used to provide energy. The latter is used to charge the battery. It will be charged in stages according to the battery capacity and charging characteristics.

    The main points are as follows:

    1. Different ingredients

    (1) Power adapter: It is a kind of electronic appliances for small portable electronic equipment and power conversion equipment. It is composed of shell, transformer, inductor, capacitor, control chip, printed circuit board and so on.

    (2) Charger: It is composed of stable power supply (mainly stable power supply, stable working voltage and sufficient current) plus necessary constant current, voltage limit and other control circuits.

    2. Different current modes

    (1) Power adapter: from AC input to DC output, indicating power, input and output voltage, current and other indicators.

    (2) Charger: The constant current and voltage-limiting charging system is adopted. The general charging current is about C2, that is, the charging rate is 2 hours. For example, the charging rate of 250 mA for a 500mah battery is about 2 hours. Commonly a LED indicator on the charger is necessary to show the charging status.

    3. Different characteristics

    (1) Power adapter: The correct power adapter requires safety certification. The power adapter with safety certification can protect personal safety. Prevent electric shock, fire and other dangers.

    (2) Charger: It is normal for the battery to have a slight temperature rise in the later stage of charging, but if the battery is obviously hot, it means that the charger cannot detect that the battery is saturated in time, resulting in overcharging, which is harmful to the battery life.

    Is the power adapter a charger?

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