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  • About the safety performance of the power adapter

    When the power supply is in use, it may be wrongly connected or short-circuited. In addition, the power supply itself may malfunction and cause the output voltage to be abnormal. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of the power supply, safety specifications are a very important part. There are two aspects to the protection of the power supply, one is to prevent other accessories from being burned, and the other is to protect itself from damage.

    The protection of the power supply to the outside is mainly over-voltage and under-voltage protection, which means that when the output voltage of the power supply is too high or too low to be abnormal, the power supply will stop working. This is very important for the whole machine, because most of the expensive components are relatively fragile, and it is easy to burn out due to high voltage.

    To prevent this, it is necessary to monitor each output voltage of the power supply. The power designer’s approach is to sample the output voltage through a sampling circuit, and the sampled signal is connected to the control part through a comparator. Once the output voltage is abnormal, the sampling signal will be reflected immediately, and the control part will be notified to shut down. This can effectively protect the back-end connection parts. Whether the power supply has fast overvoltage protection is very important for the whole machine. In order to prevent burnout caused by excessive current, the power supply is equipped with a fuse.

    About the safety performance of the power adapter

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