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  • The correct maintenance method of electric bicycle charger

    What is the correct maintenance method for an electric bicycle charger:

    The correct use of an electric bicycle charger not only affects the use and service life of the charger itself, but also affects the battery life.


    ①When using the charger to charge the battery, please plug in the output plug of the charger first, and then plug in the input plug. When charging, the power indicator of the charger is red, and the charging indicator is also red. After fully charged, the charging indicator light is green. When stopping charging, please unplug the input plug of the charger first, and then unplug the output plug of the charger. In general, over-discharge and over-charge of the battery are harmful. So charge it frequently and don’t overcharge.


    ②The service life of the battery has a lot to do with its depth of discharge. Lead-acid batteries are particularly afraid of losing power and releasing capacity. Please charge the battery as soon as possible after use. For batteries that have not been used for a long time, they should be charged once every 15 days or so to compensate for the self-discharge power loss during storage.


    ③The charger should be moisture-proof during use and placed in a well-ventilated place. There will be a certain temperature rise when the charger is working. Please pay attention to heat dissipation. The general charging time is 4-10hours, depending on the battery usage.


    ④The charger is a relatively sophisticated electronic device, please pay attention to shockproof during use. Try not to carry it with you. If you really want to carry it with you, you should wrap the charger with shock-absorbing materials and put it in the toolbox on the car, and pay attention to rain and moisture.

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