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  • EMI of the switching power supply

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    Some customers only pay attention to the functional part of the switching power supply, not the EMI part, or even know what EMI is. There are many power supply brands on the market, but the prices vary greatly. In addition to the stability of performance, the main difference is also the difference in EMI part

    EMI refers to Electromagnetic Interference, which is divided into two parts: conducted interference and radiated interference. Conducted interference is the transmission of signal interference from one power grid to another electrical network through a conductive medium. Radiated interference means that the interference source transmits the interference signal to another electrical network through the space bar. EMI affects the personal safety of electronic equipment and users. If long-term interference from electromagnetic radiation breaks through the maximum bearing limit of the human body, it will cause damage to the human body. EMI will also reduce the performance of the power supply itself. EMI will also cause damage to the back-end electronic systems and equipment. Strong electromagnetic interference can cause overloading of sensitive electronic equipment.

    Xinsu Global’s switching power supplies and chargers have a good EMI control design, use high-quality components to reduce, reduce EMI, and have high EMI margin performance, helping many customers to obtain complete machine certification.

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