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  • What is the purpose of the power adapter?

    1. The great use of power adapters. Power adapters are widely used, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air purifiers, etc. In addition to these things we touch all day, there are also things we ignore, such as LED lights and lighting equipment in our homes, digital cameras, landlines*, routers, notebooks, and more.

    2. In addition to these things we see every day, power adapters are also suitable for some relatively large devices. Such as CNC machine tools, industrial automation control systems, as well as some electrical equipment, medical equipment and so on. Research equipment used by universities also involves power adapters. Generally, large shopping malls also have security systems. It can be said that there are power adapters everywhere. This list is only part of his application. In fact, the application of power adapters is not limited to these areas. If we try to find it, we will find out how convenient it brings us.

    3. Many people confuse the function of power adapter and battery. In fact, the two are fundamentally different. Batteries are used to store electrical energy, and power adapters are the conversion system from the power source to the device to the battery. If there is no power adapter, once the voltage is unstable, our computers, notebooks, TVs, etc. will be burned. Therefore, having a power adapter is a good protection for our household appliances and also improves the safety performance of the appliances.

    4. In addition to improving the safety performance of electrical appliances, it is the protection of your own body. Just imagine, if our electrical appliances do not have a power adapter, once the current is too high and suddenly interrupted, it may cause electrical explosions or sparks, etc. Cause explosion or fire, posing a great threat to our life and health. It can be said that having a power adapter is equivalent to insuring our home appliances. Stop worrying about those accidents.

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