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  • Measure five important characteristics of power adapters!

    1. Stability: The stability of the power adapter is basically the same. Power adapters are based on overcurrent protection, EMI radiation, voltage deviation, ripple suppression, cross-loading, timing, dynamic testing and other performance. It can run stably for a long time. Depending on the environment, the performance of the data is also different, and the stability is also different. For example, our domestic main power supply voltage is 220V, such as Japan, the United States, Canada, etc. main power supply voltage is 110V, the stability of the power adapter is different in these two cases, the Xiyuan source adapter can reach up to 100V-240V, if you You don’t have to worry too much about using it abroad.

    8.4V 1.5A charger
    2. Convenience: Convenience is one of the main factors that everyone considers. The electronics themselves are slowly moving towards miniaturization due to their convenience. Naturally, so does the power adapter. I’m sure no one wants to carry bulky stuff around. Convenience depends on the size, bulk and weight of the power adapter. The lighter and lighter the price will naturally be higher.
    3. Energy saving: We now advocate green travel and energy saving. I believe everyone can understand. The power adapter is mainly measured from the conversion efficiency. The initial power conversion efficiency is only 60%. Now with the advancement and development of technology, it can generally reach more than 70%. For example, the conversion efficiency of power adapters produced by Xiyuanyuan manufacturer can reach 80%. About 90%, our factory’s products are still very good compared to their peers. The other is no-load loss, which refers to the power loss of the power adapter when the electronic product is in a standby state. The loss rate varies depending on the material inside the power adapter. So when you’re not using electronics, it’s best to unplug the power adapter to save energy.
    4. Durability: For all commodities except food, durability can be used as a measure. Due to the environment in which the power adapter is used, its durability is relatively important. In addition to normal use to connect to power and electronics, people also use power adapters a lot, and inevitably there will be some bumps, and the wires will bend frequently, which accelerates their aging and doesn’t have as high a lifespan.
    5. Compatibility: Since there is no unified interface standard for power adapters, it can be said that the product interfaces on the market are constantly changing. Another reason is that power adapters often have voltage fluctuations. Power adapters with similar voltages are compatible as long as the voltage does not exceed the maximum range of the electronic product.

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