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  • Product Advantages of Golf Cart Batteries

    Product Advantages of Golf Cart Batteries
    Leoch GF series golf cart batteries are maintenance-free VRLA batteries. The use of high-porosity ultra-fine glass fiber (AGM) separators increases oxygen recombination capacity and reduces water loss. The electrode plate is designed as a flat plate structure and the battery adopts valve-controlled sealing design, which is safe and reliable to use. The battery casing is made of impact-resistant PP material.

    12.6-volt-battery-charger1-300x300 14.6V 6A charger 14.6V 2A LiFePo4 charger
    1. High capacity and high energy density, low self-discharge, better capacity storage.
    2. The grid is made of lead-calcium alloy, the water loss is small to achieve maintenance-free, and the high-conductivity terminal is conducive to the high-current discharge of the battery
    3. Unique valve control design, safe and reliable use, special grid design and lead paste formula, improve battery charging acceptance
    4. The colloidal electrolyte is used to prevent the delamination of the electrolyte during use. The silver alloy grid is used in the golf cart battery, which has stronger corrosion resistance and greater discharge effect.
    5. Powerful discharge function Extremely low internal resistance of the battery, high starting current, cold start capability of golf cart batteries Temperature controlled electrolyte
    6. 20% longer lifespan Improve corrosion resistance, slow down the “aging” of the battery, long storage period Very low self-discharge rate, long storage time after charging
    7. No leakage, easy installation, no chance for users to contact with acid, maintenance-free, normal charging does not generate temperature, does not consume water, hydrogen and oxygen are recombined, the product does not produce liquid acid, and does not pollute the environment.

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