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  • Correct charging method of lithium iron phosphate battery

    1. Constant current charging, that is, the current is constant, and the voltage of the lithium iron phosphate battery gradually increases with the charging process. According to the above specifications, it is generally charged at a current of 0.2C. When the battery voltage is close to the full voltage of 4.2V, the constant current is changed. Charging is constant voltage charging. This process takes about five hours.
    2. Constant voltage charging, that is, the voltage is constant, and the current gradually decreases as the saturation of the cell deepens. According to the specification, when the current decreases to 0.01C or 10mA, the charging is considered to be terminated. After this process and the constant current charging time are added together, the total charging time should not exceed eight hours.
    3. The temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery is preferably within 0-45 ℃ when charging, which is more conducive to the active chemical properties of the lithium ion battery and makes the charging efficiency higher.
    4. For the charger of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack, it is best to use the special charger provided by the manufacturer. Do not arbitrarily use other chargers of other models or charging voltages that do not match.
    5. After the lithium iron phosphate battery is charged, try to avoid placing it on the charger for more than 10 hours. If it is not used for a long time, the mobile phone and the lithium ion battery should be separated.
    6. The charger can only protect the terminal voltage of the entire battery pack. The balanced charging board is to ensure that each cell is overcharged and each cell is overflowing. It cannot stop the entire lithium iron phosphate due to the overflow of one battery cell. Charge the battery pack.
    7. When you get the lithium iron phosphate battery and want to use it formally, you need to charge it, because the lithium ion battery cannot be overfilled when it is stored, and oversaturation will cause a serious loss of capacity.
    The charging method of lithium iron phosphate battery is different from that of general lithium ion battery. In recent years, portable electronic products are developing towards lightweight and ultra-miniaturization, and portable electronic products have begun to use lithium iron phosphate batteries with excellent safety performance. Lithium iron phosphate battery should pay attention to waterproof and dustproof when using it, so there should be no water in the storage place, which will affect the performance and service life of the battery.


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