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  • Introduction to the use of lithium battery chargers

    Lithium battery charger is a charger specially used to charge lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have higher requirements for chargers and need protection circuits. Therefore, lithium-ion battery chargers usually have higher control precision and can charge lithium-ion batteries at a constant current and voltage mode.


    The lithium battery charger has the functions of over voltage protection, over current  protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. Xinsu Global lithium battery chargers, which can safely and effectively charge the  lithium battery. Its biggest feature is that the high accurate charging voltage, make sure charge the battery safely. The floating charging method of the lithium battery charger can maximize the battery

    capacity. The lithium battery chargers are used for the robots, electric vehicles, electric toys, rechargeable lamps, the energy storage devices that powered by the lithium battery pack.


    Xinsu sealed plastic enclosure lithium chargers are much safer and more reliable than most chargers on the market. No holes on the surface to avoid touching the inside circuit, avoid being shocked, fanless for heat dissipation , no noise when charging the battery. Applied for the safety certifications for the most markets. Xinsu make charging faster, safer and quieter

    Introduction to the use of lithium battery chargers

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