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  • battery charger switching power supply new 120W KC KCC certifications

    New 120W KC KCC Battery Charger Switching Power Supply

    Xinsu Global has obtained new KC and KCC(EMC) certificates for power 120W. Xinsu Global products are very popular in Korea. Actual KC and KCC certificates are used for customs clearance and can be cleared by customers according to the Korean legal system. safety. New 120W KC KCC Certification No.: HU10934-21009A.
    54.6V charger: XSG5461000, XSG5461500, XSG5461750, XSG5462000 Among them, the 54.6V2A lithium battery charger XSG5462000 is often used in 48V electric sliding charger and electric bicycle charger.
    58.4V Charger: The XSG5841000, XSG5841500, and XSG5842000 are often used to charge 48V lead-acid batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries.
    14S Lithium Battery Charger For 58.8V, XSG5881000, XSG5881500, XSG5882000, 52V lithium battery charger.
    15S Lithium Battery Charger 63V, XSG6301000, XSG6301500, XSG6301900.
    16S 60V Lithium Battery Charger, XSG6721000, XSG6721250, XSG6721500
    17S Lithium Battery Charger, XSG7141000, XSG7141250, XSG7141500
    60V Lead Acid Battery Charger, XSG7301000, XSG7301250, XSG7301500

    55V Power Adapter, XSG5501000, XSG5501250, XSG5501500, XSG5502000

     For example the 67.2V1.25A lithium battery charger, product link below:

    67.2V 1.25A charger


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