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  • Detailed explanation of 12V2A power adapter

    When it comes to power adapter, many people cannot understand what this word is, but if you talk about the charging head of a mobile phone, you may understand it at once. In fact, it can also be called. Let’s analyze one of them. Kind, 12V2A power adapter!
    First of all, it is literally understood that the 12V2A power adapter has an output voltage of 12V, a current of 2A, and a rated power of 24W. Generally, this type of power adapter has a wall-plug type and a desktop type. The wall-plug type is generally similar to the mobile phone charging head, but because of the power problem, the volume will be larger than that of the general mobile phone charger; another type of desktop It is similar to that of a notebook power supply.

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    Application of 12V2A Power Adapter
    Portable DVD Charger, LCD TV Power Supply, Surveillance Camera Power Supply; Security Power Supply, Router Power Supply, ADSL Cat Power Supply; Switch Power Adapter for LCD Monitors, LED Lights, Mobile Hard Disk Boxes; ADSL, Digital Photo Frames, Electronic Refrigerator, Portable DVD; Audio , radios, security systems, portable tools; peripherals, printers, notebook computers; network equipment, tablet PC power adapters, control equipment; microprocessor systems, removable equipment, etc. on products that use 12V power adapters

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